August TBA out today!

1 Aug

It’s that time of the month again (I’m not even going to look at you perverts over there). We’ve been breaking our backs working on the latest and greatest TBA for you guys. But this isn’t any ordinary issue of TBA, this is the first issue of our second year! TBA has been around for a full year now, so we’re celebrating with our Pocaroo music festival on August 13 at the Old Town Pavilion. We’ll have live music, good food and a lot of other great things.

The August TBA isn’t just about Pocaroo, however. We have a great piece about this year’s Pocatello Pride festival and the LGBTQ community in town. We also cover the controversial city council invocation debacle, with some previously unreported news on the ACLU’s involvement in the case. Make sure to get the details on Pocatello’s first Zombie Pub Crawl, happening this month, and as always, we have profiles on some of the best music and art in southeast Idaho.

You can pick up copies of the paper later today in Pocatello and Idaho Falls. Just check your local bars, grocery stores or shops. And we’ll see you at Pocaroo, right? Ok good, just checking.


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