Poky Free Bikes loses management, could close

2 Aug

Poky Free Bikes is a non-profit organization that lets people build free bikes from donated parts. The organization was started in 2005 by Jeremias Pink and Melinda Walker, who say about 5,000 bikes have been built in their shop. Later this year, however, Pink and Walker will move to Oregon, leaving the future of Poky Free Bikes in jeaopardy.

Larry Farrell, a retired ISU professor and volunteer at Poky Free Bikes, sounds pretty incensed about the whole thing. He talked to KPVI about it:

“Responsibility, why shouldn’t they be responsible for keeping it running, why shouldn’t they be responsible for taking care of it,” Farrell said. “Why shouldn’t they learn something about how to do that maintenance themselves, a little self-reliance.”

Burning bridges aside, the fact of the matter is that many in the community will be similarly incensed if Pink and Walker just up and leave. Make-your-own-free-bike shops are pretty rare, and if 5,000 people have made bikes with Poky Free Bikes, there are probably plenty who would raise a stink about it’s absence.

So who wants to run the operation? Apparently Larry Farrell is the guy to talk to if you’re interested. You can reach him at 234.0334 or farrlarr@isu.edu.

[via KPVI]


One Response to “Poky Free Bikes loses management, could close”

  1. debbie 08/05/2011 at 11:36 am #

    Meeting for those interested is schedule for Monday, August 15th @ 6:30pm at the event

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