Idaho’s Humanitarian Bowl renamed Famous Idaho Potato Bowl

3 Aug

Yes, this is the real logo for the newly-dubbed Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.

Since 1997, Idaho’s post-season college football bowl game, the Humanitarian Bowl, has been the game to watch if you’re bored with the other bowl games (full disclosure, my alma matter Maryland totally WON it back in 2008). But no more! The bowl has been rebranded as the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl in some sort of effort to breathe life into the thing, probably.

This isn’t the first time the game, which is played on Boise State’s famous blue turf, has been renamed. From 2004 to 2006, it was called the MPC Computers Bowl. It’s actually gone through quite a few corporate sponsors who have dubbed it the Humanitarian Bowl, the Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl and, most recently, the uDrove Humanitarian Bowl.

Thanks to a six-year deal with the Idaho Potato Commission, it will now be all about potatoes. Because if there’s one thing Idaho needs, it’s more people associating the state with nothing but potatoes. Get ready for the endless puns. UGGH.


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