ISU Public Safety officers find dozens of new shoes in dumpster

3 Aug

A shoe that could have been in that dumpster, and could still be there!

According to Pocatello Police, ISU Public Safety officers found up to 50 seemingly new Under Armour shoes in a dumpster on Main Street near Benton. The dumpster is near ISU’s diesel program building, but there’s probably no connection there. In fact, there’s not much of a connection anywhere.

ISU Public Safety Director Steve Chatterton said the police took away a few shoes as evidence, but left the others there. Nobody is really worried about it, he said. But aren’t they at very least curious? Where are those creative CSI-type minds we’ve learned exist in every police department? We, the public, want to know why somebody would throw dozens of new shoes in a dumpster!

Was this a terrible pickup spot for a bundle of robbed goods? Maybe somebody stole the shoes, felt terrible about it and decided to just dump them off. It could have even been the result of some Richie Rich-esque temper tantrum. “But father, I wanted 50 GREEN Under Armour shoes! These are GREEN-YELLOW!” Heh. Rich people, amiright?


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