Idaho gives Obama lowest approval rating in the country

8 Aug

Chart by Gallup

A Gallup poll released today shows Obama’s approval ratings by state and, to not much surprise, Idaho residents gave him the lowest marks. The poll interviewed 90,000 people across the country and found an overall 47 percent approval rating nationally. But in Idaho the number was a meager 27 percent.

This isn’t much of a surprise. Idaho hasn’t gone for a Democratic president since electing Lyndon Johnson in 1964, but only six states went red that year. Since then, the state has been staunchly Republican, which I think any Idahoan knows well.

Obama’s highest ratings were in California and along the coasts. In Washington D.C. he fared best with an 83 percent approval. Almost the entire midwest gave him sub-par ratings, with some of the lowest from our neighbors in Wyoming and Utah. According to Gallup, sitting presidents with approval ratings above 50 percent usually get reelected, although Bush won it with 48 percent.

[via Boise Weekly]


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    […] the heels of the news that Idahoans rank Obama’s performance worse than anybody else, a Gallup poll released today says the Gem State is the second most Republican in the country. […]

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