ISU to begin mysterious “experimental psychology” program

10 Aug

Photo of a super villain in the making via ISU.

This is definitely the premise to some sort of apocalyptic sci-fi movie. ISU released a press release today announcing an “experimental psychology” program that only says students will be “actively conducting research studies, writing research papers, and helping with grant applications.” Read between the lines, sheeple! Exactly what kinds of “research studies” and “grant applications” will be going on, here?

From the press release:

The ISU experimental psychology doctorate is designed to provide students with an education and research training in core areas of psychological science, such as personality, social psychology, learning, sensation and perception, cognition, developmental psychology and physiological psychology.

There could definitely be a super villain with powers for each of those. What happens when ISU doctoral students blast an unwitting test subject with powerful sensation rays? Or somebody gets bitten by a radioactive learning spider? Nothing good, that’s what.

The unique program is taking three students this year, but they’re hoping to eventually take six annually. Check out the program website for more details.



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