KPVI under pressure to drop new NBC drama “The Playboy Club”

10 Aug

NBC is gearing up to premier their new drama The Playboy Club on September 19, but some people are a little uncomfortable with the show coming into their homes. NBC’s Salt Lake affiliate, who is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has already refused to air the show and some people are pressuring our very own KPVI to do the same.

Local News 8 talked to Blackfoot resident Carissa Abrams, who sent a letter to KPVI asking them to can The Playboy Club. From Local News 8:

“It’s pornographic,” said Abrams. “It’s demeaning to women.”

Abrams hasn’t received a response. But when we called KPVI, General Manager Shelley Goings said “That is an NBC program, so my contract dictates that I must air it.”

“I mean, look at those costumes,” said [Idaho Falls resident] Carl Palmer. “(They’re) very tame by current standards.”

But aren’t “current standards” a little too racy? Can’t KPVI just can the show like the Salt Lake affiliate did? These are all questions some moral-minded Idahoans are asking. On the other side of the argument are people like strangely-named Jonathon Yonk who believe that kids have enough kid things to do already, without trying to sneak a peak at our adult language/adult situations programming:

“If you want something for kids, there’s movies … Disney movies, cartoons,” said Jonathon Yonk. “Better yet, if it’s nice out, go outside and play.”

Well said, Yonk! Why don’t we all just forget about this silly argument, ditch our TVs and go outside? At least we won’t be offended by any moral deprivations on the streets of our own town. (Unless, you know, you’re Lynda Eggimann ZING!)

[via Local News 8]


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