Pocatello decorating streets with 48-inch Bengal paw prints

15 Aug

A mock paw print via ISU.

Have you been driving around Pocatello and thought to yourself: “These streets are great, but I really think they could use some HUGE orange paw prints”? Well you’re in luck! ISU and the city are teaming up to install a bunch of 48-inch long orange and black paw prints from the East Clark Street freeway exit to the intersection in front of the Reed Gym.

“That’s great,” you say, “But what do these paw prints have to do with ME?” Well you, yes YOU, can sponsor your very own paw print for $150! As a sponsor, your name will be on a sign displayed at Reed Gym and City Hall.

The city is hoping to have all the paw prints on the roads by August 22, the day of the “Welcome Back Orange and Black” event. Next year, they want to add paw prints from the  South 5th Avenue freeway exit to the intersection in front of the ISU Administration Building.

The city is hoping this will better define Pocatello as the home of ISU. From the university’s press release:

“We believe the paw prints will visibly express our community’s pride in ISU to all those who live here and pass through,” [Pocatello Mayor Brian Blad] said. “We are proud to be the home of Idaho State University, and now, everyone will know!”

Yes! If you were previously unaware of the huge university in the middle of our city, there will now be GIGANTIC ORANGE PAW PRINTS leading the way. Maybe all that inspiration will help the football team win one, maybe two games this year (too soon?).


2 Responses to “Pocatello decorating streets with 48-inch Bengal paw prints”

  1. PCH 08/15/2011 at 11:45 am #

    I’m not sure why you wrote this in a snarky manner, but ISU is the largest employer in SE Idaho, and the economic impact is huge! Good for Pocatello to build relations with the university.

    • Kevin Fuller 08/15/2011 at 12:37 pm #

      I think the paw prints are an awesome idea.. just don’t talk about there football team, let’s just keep them hidden. Heck, I bet Pocatello H.S could beat them.

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