‘Modern Family’ cast arrives in Jackson

16 Aug

Just imagine the family saying "Howdy!" wearing cowboy hats, riding horses and swiggin' sum sarsaparilla. I actually can't wait.

The cast of ABC’s hit comedy, Modern Family, has landed in Jackson to shoot the premiere to their upcoming third season. The hour-long episode will revolve around the family’s vacation to a dude ranch (shot at Lost Creek Ranch) and will probably be full of all the wild west, shoot-em-up cowboy stereotypes people in big cities like to imagine.

Or maybe it won’t! If the cast’s initial reaction to Wyoming is any indication of the show’s direction, the region could be displayed as the beautiful western countryside that it is. Our local ABC affiliate talked to some of the cast, of course:

“We just landed, and I can’t believe the scenery here,” said [Rico Rodriguez a.k.a. “Manny”]. “It’s awesome!”

“We were looking through the windows on the plane,” said Ariel Winter, who plays Alex Dunphy. “It was just incredible.”

Jackson is naturally excited about showing off their city to one of the biggest audiences in prime time. Mayor Mark Barron greeted the actors and said he hoped they would get a break from shooting to see the Jackson, you know, the real Jackson:

“I hope they get time to come down to [a] Cowboy bar, saddle up and have a sarsaparilla,” said Barron.

UGGGHH. Regardless, the episode will probably be awesome and will likely do nothing but great things for Jackson. The season premiere will air Wednesday, Sept. 21. The city is apparently planning a big premiere party that we’re all going to. Agreed? Agreed.

[via Local News 8]


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