Two 8-year-olds charged with starting the Drive-In Fire

31 Aug

Crews battle a massive brush fire off South Fifth Avenue earlier this month that burned one home and more than 1200 acres of land. (Jamie Hale/The Bannock Alternative)

Bannock County prosecutors are officially charging two 8-year-olds for starting the Drive-In Fire that destroyed one home and more than 1,200 acres of land and earlier this month.

At the time of the fire, Bannock County Sheriff Lorin Nielsen said detectives believed the kids started the blaze after playing with matches behind the Rocking R Mobile Home Park. Although three kids were present, investigators determined only two were responsible.

Those two will face charges of arson in the third degree, which is a felony. They’ll face up to 180 days in a juvenile detention center, possible restitution and likely hours upon hours of community service.

The BLM estimated the cost of fighting the fire at $750,000, but that figure doesn’t include cleanup costs or the costs from the several other agencies that helped out. The boys’ parents will have to foot the bill if the judge orders any restitution.

[via Local News 8]


3 Responses to “Two 8-year-olds charged with starting the Drive-In Fire”

  1. Overkill 08/31/2011 at 4:46 pm #

    I understand that the 8-year-olds need to face consequences for this; but kiddie jail? They are 8! They do not think in future sense. Yes, playing with matches is wrong, but does anyone truly think their intention was to cause all of this? How many 8-year-olds think firemen, homes, people, pets, wildlife, and death? All they think is, “oh cool, what can we do with this?”

  2. 3 08/31/2011 at 5:08 pm #

    That’s pretty fuckd up for prosecutors to charge little kids with felonies. Idaho’s judicial system is corrupt to the fullest extent. The detention center houses possibly the worst criminals in the county: kids picking fights, sex predators, drug addicts, those kids will NOT survive detention for even a second. If anything, charge the parents for not watching their kids, I bet you anything the parents are careless methheads, where did they get the matches? What the hell were they doing out in that area anyway without supervision?

  3. R. Kremer 09/01/2011 at 9:49 am #

    Are they sure about this??? That very day, I heard a stray thunderclap. I t was loud and close. Even my son ran up the stairs saying “mom did you hear that?” About an hour later we saw smoke billowing. I was VERY surprised when they announced that evening that they suspected these kids. I would be interested in knowing the evidence.

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