Idaho has the nation’s second worst rural roads

2 Sep

You know how driving down terrible, beat-up back roads in Idaho is awful and a little terrifying (not all of us own SUVs)? Well that’s for good reason! A new study from TRIP, a national transportation research group, has found that the rural roads in the Gem State are worse than every other state but Vermont!

According to the study, 31 percent of the state’s major rural roads are in poor condition. But what exactly does “poor condition” mean? From the report:

Roads rated poor may show signs of deterioration, including rutting, cracks and potholes.  In some cases, poor roads can be resurfaced but often are too deteriorated and must be reconstructed.

Hey! Pocatello even knows a thing about completely reconstructing roads! Just ask anyone who lives off Fourth, Fifth or Yellowstone! Road problems typically have to do with our region’s winter apocalypse that last from at least October to May. Water gets in the pavement, freezes, and BOOM. Your roads suck now. But at least we can live with the knowledge that, somehow, Vermont’s roads are just a little bit worse.

[via Boise Weekly]


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