Where Pocatello police will be stepping up patrol the month of October

10 Oct

Every month the police release where exactly they will be upping patrols and what they’ll be looking in traffic violations. We here at TBA thought you might like to know that information!

During the month of October, the Pocatello Police Department will be step up patrol at Yellowstone Avenue, Butte Street, Douglas Street, Monte Vista Drive and Jefferson Avenue. Officers will be looking for speeding, following too closely, crosswalk violations and red light violations.

Of course, “the goal of the enforcement plan is to increase voluntary compliance and the public’s safety, not necessarily to increase the number of citations,” the PPD wrote in a press release. And the public release of the plans are meant to “see if increased awareness by the driving public translates into increased compliance.”

But if you want to continue speeding around those streets, feel free! No one’s stopping you! Except the several officers who will be there all the time this month. Good luck!


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