Bonneville County employee arrested for stealing money for gas

18 Oct

Brian James Brown's face says "innocent" but his mustache just screams "guilty as hell." (via Bonneville County Sheriff's Office)

Brian James Brown, a Bonneville County detention deputy, must have been down his luck. The recession can hit folks hard, and for many, it hits where it hurts–the gas tank.

Now, most people would start car-pooling to work, or ride their bike, or even just put the money on credit. But Brian James Brown is clearly not most people. Brown, being in a position of some kind of power, decided to use other peoples money to full up his tank.

According to a Bonneville County Sheriff’s Department press release, Brown allegedly used a credit card that was logged into property at the Bonneville County Jail to buy gas. Hey, that prisoner didn’t need his money anyway! Furthermore, Brown allegedly used a county fuel card (read: public funds) to fill up his car again.

Now, when given a company fuel card, most people have those temptations to fill up their personal car, it’s only natural! But most people would be screwing over a big corporation, not, say, regular tax-paying citizens.

Brown will be arraigned today on charges of fraudulent use of a financial transaction card and misuse of public funds. He’s on administrative suspension pending a termination hearing.


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