Man robbed at gunpoint at Pocatello Fred Meyer

20 Oct

Two men robbed a Pocatello man at gunpoint in broad daylight at the Pocatello Fred Meyer, said city police Lt. Paul Manning.

According to Manning, the victim was in the Fred Meyer parking lot at 1:45 Thursday afternoon when the two suspects approached him. One displayed a firearm and the two took the man’s cell phone and possibly other items.

Pocatello Police are now looking for the two men. The police have described them as black males in their mid-20s. One man has a medium build and the other is heavier-set, wearing a blue t-shirt. They are supposedly driving a dark-colored Dodge Stratus, and the two drove north through the Fred Meyer parking lot onto north Yellowstone Avenue, said Manning.

Police are trying to piece together information using surveillance footage from surrounding businesses and are investigating vehicles matching the description in town.

Anyone with more information can contact the Pocatello Police at 208.234.6100.

[via Local News 8]


One Response to “Man robbed at gunpoint at Pocatello Fred Meyer”

  1. Bravo 10/20/2011 at 3:14 pm #

    What in the world is a Dodge Saturn? BTW, this makes me ill. We moved here from Atlanta to get away from the world of parking lot hold-ups and intersection car jackings. Oh well. Maybe we brought it with us. Sorry, y’all.

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