So how eventful was this year’s Monday Halloween?

1 Nov

Two Spidermen grab candy during Monday's Trick or Treat the Old Town Streets. (Jamie Hale/The Bannock Alternative)

Halloween is usually known as a night of wild, drunken debauchery and annoying mischief, not to mention thousands of costumed kids roaming the streets. When Halloween falls on a Monday, as it did this year, how many people actually partake in the wild festivities on the actual night of the holiday? While some local bars had events in spite of the day of the week, local organizations braced for what they thought could be a typical, rambunctious October 31.

Yellow Cab offered free cab rides to anybody in Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Ammon or Chubbuck last night, from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. According to an Idaho State Journal interview, owner Charley Potter had the best intentions in mind. “We want people to go out and have a good time and support our community businesses on Halloween,” he told the paper.

So how did that work out for them? According to Yellow Cab employee John Prokschl, it worked out very well! He said they “most definitely” gave more rides last night than on a normal Monday night, and probably prevented a lot of DUIs.

In fact, according to Pocatello Police Lt. Paul Manning, there was only one DUI last night at all. A 28-year-old man was actually arrested for excessive DUIs–a misdemeanor–on North Harrison Avenue in Old Town last night. Other than that, Manning just reported some minor vandalism including toilet paper and smashed pumpkins.

But the lack of DUIs could have been simply a lack of action. Although at least two Pocatello bars, The First National and Hooligans, threw Halloween parties last night, a lot of bar and house parties happened over the weekend, when most people like to go out.

In the family-friendly world, Halloween was actually maddeningly busy. At the Pine Ridge Mall, there was a mob of little dinosaurs and Buzz Lightyears grabbing handfuls of candy from storefronts, while kids flooded the downtown sidewalks for Trick or Treat the Old Town Streets. At the TBA headquarters on South Main, we handed out 50 pounds of candy and had to shut the doors 45 minutes before the event ended.

While Monday Halloweens work well for kids, who will take candy regardless of the day of week, it doesn’t always work well for party-hungry adults, who like a day or two to recover from the messy night. Next year, the situation will change up once more, as Halloween will fall squarely on a Wednesday. Hump Day Halloween, anyone?


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