‘Transient’ pulled over, arrested on a million charges

4 Nov

Aaron Scott Reed, arrested last night on a million (a few) charges after a routine traffic stop. (Photo via Pocatello Police Department)

Pocatello Police said they pulled over 31-year-old Aaron Scott Reed at Franklin and Alameda last night, initially just because his license plate was obscured. Things kind of spiraled out of control after that.

As it turns out, Reed, whose address was listed by police as “transient,” didn’t have a driver’s license (charge number one!). The officer then grew suspicious that he was holding drugs. A K-9 unit came to the scene, searched the car and found not only meth (charge two!) but paraphernalia (charge three!). The paraphernalia charge is a misdemeanor, but the meth charge is a felony (yikes!).

Police later found out Reed was also already wanted on two misdemeanor warrants (charges four and five!). Pocatello Police Lt. Paul Manning said Reed was also charged with filing a false police report (charge six!), but the details on that won’t be available until the long-form police report is completed.

All in all, Reed was charged with five misdemeanors and a felony (I’m counting those warrants), not bad for a routine traffic stop.


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