Idaho Falls man wanted for White House shooting

14 Nov

Here's your man: Mr. Oscar Ramiro Ortega, a man with Idaho Falls ties who idiotically fired shots near the White House last week.

The United States Park Police have issued a warrant for 21-year-old Oscar Ramiro Ortega, who allegedly is involved in a shooting between the White House and the Washington Monument last week. Typically, shootings near D.C. monuments are reserved for seriously crazy people, because authorities kiiiind of take that stuff seriously.

Ortega faces a felony charge of carrying a dangerous weapon, because it looks like he didn’t actually cause any harm or destruction, which is pretty on-par for crazy White House shooters. Nonetheless, the U.S. Park Police are looking to nab Ortega because, again, they take this stuff seriously.

Park Police said Ortega is 5 feet 11 inches tall, about 160 pounds with brown eyes and black hair. He has a tattoo of the word “Israel” in the left side of his neck, one of “Ortega” on his back and another of rosary beads on his chest. According to pictures, he also might be sporting a fantastically unruly beard. No word on what exactly his Idaho Falls ties are.

Park Police are asking anyone with information to contact a local police department or U.S. Park Police at 202.610.7500. For non-urgent information you can call the Criminal Investigations Branch Tip Line at 202.610.8737.


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