Bingham County traffic stop leads to second marijuana bust

15 Nov

Call it a coincidence? At about 5:00 last night, Idaho State Police pulled over a 1997 Honda Accord for (another) unspecified “traffic violation.” After searching the car, officers found two and half pounds of marijuana and about $5,000 in cash. While it isn’t as big as the Power County megabust that happened a mere 18 hours later, it’s another decently big drug bust to happen on a supposedly routine traffic stop.

ISP officers arrested three people, Amber Duncan, Alan Schoepke and Abraham Nyhart, all in their mid-20s, for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. The investigation is, of course, ongoing, meaning details are scarce for the time being.


One Response to “Bingham County traffic stop leads to second marijuana bust”


  1. Routine Power County traffic stop turns out 23 pounds of weed « TBA - 11/15/2011

    […] Eric Dayley with the Idaho State Police said there was nothing fishy with this bust, or the one 18 hours earlier. ”If there was a tip-off or something, I don’t know about it. These were the results […]

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