Pocatello Police looking for makers of awful molotov cocktails

16 Nov

Pocatello Police are on the lookout for suspects who threw two Molotov cocktails at a picnic bench in Lower Ross Park last night. For those unaware, a Molotov cocktail is a type of home-made fire bomb, usually crafted from a glass bottle filled with some kind of flammable liquid, stopped off with a rag covered in the same stuff. The idea is to light the rag and throw it at the target.

Apparently these people didn’t really know what they were doing. According to a PPD press release, one bottle broke, causing minor fire damage to the picnic table, while the other didn’t break at all. The suspects apparently made the devices out of beer bottles.

For all you wanna-be European revolutionaries out there, let this be a lesson. No matter how awful your Molotov cocktail (I mean, the one that broke couldn’t even burn up a picnic table??) and no matter how much damage it causes, the police are still going to look for you. They apparently take this stuff seriously.

If anyone has any information about these hooligans, the police are looking for your call. You can call dispatch at 234-6100.


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