Man flees accident, arrested after getting into another moments later

21 Nov

The path taken by the Two-Crash Bandit, probably driven very drunk and very afraid.

It started out Earlier this afternoon, 39-year-old Danyel Bosquez got into an accident at Alameda and Everett Street. A split-second decision later, he was fleeing the scene. Witnesses called Pocatello Police and gave them the description of Bosquez and the car he was driving, and the police started checking around the area. That’s when they got a call for a second accident.

Bosquez, who was probably freaking out because A. He had just fled the scene of an accident and B. It turns out he was drunk. While fleeing, he got into another accident at McKinley and Maple, less than a mile away. When police arrived, he and the vehicle matched the description, so he was subsequently arrested with a DUI and leaving the scene of an accident.

It’s disturbing enough that this guy was drunk and crashing into cars just after lunch. What makes this worse is that he was drunk and crashing into cars right next to Lewis and Clark Elementary School and Alameda Jr. High School, not to mention the heavily-traveled Yellowstone Avenue. Get it together, guy!


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