Chubbuck police officer subject of criminal investigation

22 Nov

A Chubbuck police officer is under a criminal investigation by the Pocatello Police after he allegedly pulled a gun on another person in an altercation in Poky. Normally, that kind of thing is frowned upon. Although it sets up what you might imagine to be The Great Chubbuck/Pocatello Police Wars of 2011, don’t hold your breath. The officer hasn’t even been charged with anything.

Local News 8 broke the story last night, in which the police painted the situation as, well, sort of not the biggest deal in the world:

The fight happened two to three weeks ago, [Lt. Bill] Guiberson said, but Pocatello has not filed charges yet. It is unclear whether or not that will happen, said Pocatello police spokesman Lt. Paul Manning.

No charges! You heard it straight from Manning, this guy might not face any charges at all. But just who is this mysterious officer anyway?

Well police aren’t releasing the name of the officer who, as it just so happens, is on vacation at the moment. Whether or not he’ll face administrative leave will be decided after he gets back, said Manning. The only thing either department could confirm moving forward is that there is an ongoing investigation at PPD. The Chubbuck Police, on the other hand, are handling it internally as a personal matter.

So what does this mean for the Gunslinging Cop? Well something might happen as a result of the criminal investigation, say, charges for threatening somebody with a dangerous weapon. If that doesn’t happen, and it’s very likely that it won’t, the other guy involved in the fight could press charges himself. With the media attention the story is getting, and will surely continue to get, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he sees this as his golden opportunity.

Right now, police have responded to both those possibilities, as well as almost everything else about the case, with a resounding “we don’t know.” Stay tuned, this could get very interesting.

[via Local News 8]


One Response to “Chubbuck police officer subject of criminal investigation”

  1. Rip 12/02/2011 at 12:25 pm #

    The police department has protocol that has already been broken. This guy was involved in an aggravated assault and should have been placed on administrative leave immediately, vacation or no vacation. Chief Severe should have removed his weapon and badge during the investigation to make sure that he would not reoffend. As we have all learned that a double standard exists. If you are a member of the public and commit an act such as this, your mug shot will be pasted on the front page of the paper the next day. If you are Law Enforcement you will be protected and hope that the bad press and the liability will go away if you drag the case on long enough

    If you go to the Chubbuck website where they give press releases, there is nothing posted about this case. The public has to start asking Mayor England why has Chief Severe or the Pocatello Police dragged their feet on this case. It appears that there is a dangerous person who is employed by Chubbuck that has been allowed to remain on duty (i.e. paid) while the case is reportedly looked at. Over a month to conduct an investigation that would normally take a few days at the most?

    I have to give credit to Channel 8 to be the only one to look and report on the case. However the reporter should have dug deeper and asked for the name of the victim, when the Police would have an answer, what involved the case, was there alcohol involved and many other questions. The problem with digging deeper is the fact that they have to rely upon Law Enforcement to provide daily information. If they report on a case like this, they will be looked at in a negative fashion and could suffer when reporting other cases.

    Unfortunately in Southeast Idaho we want to believe that all Law Enforcement is good. We typically do not question authority until it affects us directly. In this case Chief Severe has not done his job of being transparent with the public. This is a public position in which he needs to be honest with the public, disclose what really occurred and give the name of the officer. He does not want to do this as it would allow others to call and report similar incidents. He also fails to lead and discipline his officers, instead he would rather be friends with those in his department rather than be an administrator that hands out discipline.

    It is time for Mayor England to step in and demand a proper accounting, give the public the information that they deserve and ask that someone other than Severe lead the department in a manner that they do not hide misconduct, especially when it is serious and involves threatening another person with a firearm.

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