Southeast Idaho was full of violence, drugs and chaos over Thanksgiving

28 Nov

The question you’re probably asking yourself if you, like many people, left southeast Idaho over the holiday is “So what did I miss?” In a nutshell, you missed drugs, robberies, violence and another giant dust storm! Here’s your wrap-up of the Thanksgiving weekend in news:

  • Pocatello Police have a man, Leslee Henrie, in custody for felony battery on an officer. According to the PPD, officers first responded to his house after he threatened a neighbor with a knife. Yikes! As the officers talked to the victim, Henrie approached them on foot with a golf club in hand! Another yikes! The officers were able to get him into cuffs, but only after he hit one of them in eye hard enough to draw blood. I’m thinking anger management is on the schedule for Mr. Henrie.
  • Idaho State Police troopers have been incredibly lucky at finding massive amounts of drugs during routine traffic stops lately, and they’re not showing any signs of stopping. ISP made another routine traffic stop on I-86 near Chubbuck on Thursday morning, during which they found one kilo of cocaine, 2.7 pounds of meth and $900 in cash. Police arrested the drivers, 56-year-old Raymond A. Camacho, from Fresno, Calif. and 59-year-old Juan Aguilar, from San Jose, Calif. for trafficking in illegal drugs. Pro-Tip: If you’re transporting large amounts of illegal drugs, maybe just keep your cruise control on the speed limit.
  • I-15 was shut down AGAIN between Idaho Falls and Roberts because of, you guessed it, a giant dust storm that made seeing the road impossible. It’s kind of unnerving when a whole region has just gone numb to the regular existence of giant dust storms.
  • Police finally nabbed two guys from Idaho Falls who are suspected of being responsible for three armed robberies in the city over four days. Andrew Phillip Knoelk, 23, and Paul Elliot Albert, Jr., 18, allegedly robbed three businesses at knifepoint on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Through a joint effort between Idaho Falls Police and the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office, the two Ammon men were arrested on three counts of armed robbery. Their mistake was assuming police were too hopped up on tryptophan to notice, you know, a string of three armed robberies in a single city.

UPDATE: Pocatello Police have released three more holiday weekend incidents!

  • Pocatello Police responded to the 900 block of East Lander on Friday night for a report of a domestic disturbance. According to a news release, Christal McCraw hit her husband while he was holding their infant child. The hit caused the infant’s head to hit a door jamb. McCraw was arrested for domestic battery and cited for injury to the child.
  • A Pocatello police officer pulled over a car Saturday evening for another of their infamous routine traffic stops. But this one didn’t yield pounds of drugs, no this is one to file under “stupid drunk idiots in their cars.” As the two cars came to a stop at Benton Street and 4th Avenue, the suspect threw his car into reverse and backed into the patrol car. The cars and people were unharmed, but the driver, Tim Denny, was arrested with a DUI.
  • Pocatello officers arrived at the 700 block of South Arthur on Sunday afternoon for a domestic disturbance, but left after they determined they didn’t need to be there. Moments after they left, however, they were called back to the area. Mysterious… They located the woman, with her two children, from the previous call at the 1000 block of North Arthur. There, the woman said her boyfriend had pulled a gun on her as soon as the police left. Officers found the boyfriend, Dion Kohler, at 200 West Lander and promptly arrested him for aggravated assault.

So there you have it! Crime doesn’t pay, folks. Just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. But isn’t it nice to know that southeast Idaho was full of violence, drugs and chaos, just like a normal Thanksgiving? It’s comforting, really.


2 Responses to “Southeast Idaho was full of violence, drugs and chaos over Thanksgiving”

  1. Becky O'Neill 11/28/2011 at 12:49 pm #

    Leslee Henrie is a male; not a female.

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