Lewisville man killed by falling hay bale

29 Nov

These things are legitimately dangerous. They look all harmless, sitting there silently in a field, but if you turn your back for a second–they're at your throat.

Rick Davis, a 47-year-old man who we can probably assume was a humble farmer, went out to feed his livestock at around 6 p.m. at 3500 East and 430 North in Lewisville Monday night. The simple chore, which we can probably assume he does every day, didn’t end so simply for Davis.

During the chore, two one-ton bales of hay fell on him, according to Jefferson County spokeswoman Mikey Eames, one of them trapping Davis. It wasn’t until 7:35 that his family found him and called police, but Davis was pronounced dead before he could be taken to the hospital.

Hay bales are no laughing matter! The bundles are deceptively heavy and, as you can clearly see, can be absolutely deadly if they fall on you. The danger was brought into the public eye back in 2010 when Mike Edwards, founding member of influential band Electric Light Orchestra, was hit and killed by a bale of hay that rolled down a highway-side field and into his car.

Living in a region surrounded by farms, we should all be mindful of the dangers of hay bales–seriously.

[via Local News 8]


2 Responses to “Lewisville man killed by falling hay bale”

  1. Debbie Salsbury 11/29/2011 at 8:15 pm #

    My car was almost hit on time in vacation in Arizona. In my rear view mirror, I saw it hit. had that creepy feeling and hurried up to get by. Who hoo so close….


  1. [Morning Briefs] The Apparently Dangerous Idaho Highways - 03/16/2012

    […] truck suddenly went up in flames is so intriguing. My best guess is that it was the work of some anti-hay bale activist, sending a strong message to hay bales […]

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