Boise City Council passes smoking ban

30 Nov

The Boise City Council passed a city-wide smoking ban last night, as was expected, that will disallow lighting up in a host of places around the city, including all the bars and restaurants. What exactly does this mean for Boise residents and visitors?

If you want to smoke, it’s ok! As long as you don’t do it in any of the following places:

  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Taxis
  • Parks
  • The Greenbelt
  • Eighth Street between Main and Bannock

All but one council member, Mr. T.J. Thomson, voted in favor of the smoking ban, which will take effect in just over a month. To be fair to smokers, the ordinance has designated smoking areas in Ann Morrison and Julia Davis parks, as well as a spot near the Grove Plaza.

So now that smokers are done with, what’s next? According to Boise Weekly, the council is now looking at a set of limitations on Taxis. Aside from banning smoking, the proposed ordinance would also require drivers to accept credit and debit cards, get more frequent vehicle inspections and demonstrate an ability to write, read and speak English.

So, bad news for smokers and cab drivers, good news for people who hate smokers and cab drivers! Does it get any more American than this?

[via Boise Weekly]


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