The ol’ Idaho Traffic Stop Drug Bust strikes again

30 Nov

Jerod and Jennifer Wilson, you've officially been inducted into the Idaho Traffic Stop Drug Bust Hall of Fame. Congratulations!

Well I guess this is a thing now. First it was the Trafficking Trio in Bingham County. Then came the Power County Megabust. Last week we had the California Couple on I-86. Today, the Blackfoot Police Department released the details on what we’re going to callllll–oh how about the Trafficking Tweaker.

Blackfoot officers pulled over Jerod A. Wilson, 37, on Monday evening for, you guessed it, a routine traffic stop. Officers determined that Wilson was “impaired” and arrested him. After searching his car they found a familiar sight: 2.2 ounces of meth, one ounce of marijuana, 1.2 grams of hashish, drug paraphernalia and $5,710 in cash.

A subsequent investigation by Blackfoot police and the Bingham County Sheriff’s Office uncovered more than a pound of marijuana and a bunch of guns at Wilson’s home west of Blackfoot. They then arrested Jennifer Wilson, also 37, in connection to the crime (their relationship wasn’t given).

Police charge Jerod with trafficking in methamphetamine, narcotic posession and traffic offenses. They charged Jennifer with accessory to drug trafficking. Jennifer showed up in court and was released, but Jerod is being held on a $250,000 bond while prosecutors try to figure out whether or not to also charge him with drug posession, convicted felon in possession of a fiream, and habitual violator charges.

Have we mentioned that Idaho doesn’t take too kindly to drug trafficking? Something tells me this isn’t the end of the great Idaho Traffic Stop Drug Busts.


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