100 mph winds causing complete chaos in Utah

1 Dec

A semi-truck is laying on its side after being tipped over by 100 mph winds in Utah. The apocalypse in upon us! (photo by KTVX)

It’s not a tornado or a hurricane, but massive gusts have been blowing through northern Utah, resulting in what can best be described as utter chaos. Think that’s an exaggeration? Just journalistic hyperbole? LET’S GO TO THE FACTS!

High winds ripping through Utah have overturned several semi-trucks, knocked out power to more than 50,000 customers and prompted school closures.

Police asked schools to close in Centerville, where the National Weather Service reported a 102 mph gust Thursday morning. Centerville’s mayor declared a local state of emergency in the town, and mail delivery and trash pickup were cancelled for the day.

That’s straight from the Associated Press, so you know it’s legit! That’s right, gusts of 100 MPH AND MORE have tipped over semi-trucks, the biggest kind of trucks there are, closed school and stopped MAIL DELIVERY. That’s the U.S. Postal Service which, lest you forget, uses this (unofficial) slogan: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” Do you see that? Those people deliver in the gloom of night, maybe the scariest time to deliver mail, yet the wind is SO BAD, it has put them out of commission.

With the mail not getting delivered, the trash not getting picked up, schools closed and trucks tipping over, there’s only one clear explanation: Warren Jeffs was right.


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