The crazy story of Wednesday’s Twin Falls child abduction

1 Dec

Police arrested Stefanie Contreras for allegedly abducting her 4-year-old son Brandon Bearce, before leading police on a wild manhunt Wednesday.

An Amber alert went out early Wednesday afternoon. Police said they were looking for a 4-year-old Twin Falls by who they believed was taken by his mother. Just over an hour later, the amber alert was lifted as police claimed to have located the boy and his mother. A few hours later, the search was back on, as police apparently didn’t have the boy and his mother. Finally, at about 8:45 p.m., almost nine hours after the alert first went out, it was back off–this time police did in fact locate the pair. So what exactly happened between all those alerts? Well something straight out of a drama/action flick.

It started Wednesday afternoon when Stefanie Contreras, the 28-year-old mother, allegedly broke into the boy’s father’s house with two men, Daniel Thomas of Hailey and Kelvin Milo, Jr. of Twin Falls. The three abducted 4-year-old Brandon Bearce, Contreras’ son, at about 9:50 a.m., apparently firing off some gunshots as they did. With Brandon, they hit the road.

Police sent out the alert and immediately started looking for the abductors. Not long after, police rescinded the alert, after supposedly locating Contreras and Brandon. A SWAT team surrounded a Twin Falls home in which the two were believed to be hiding out, as police began negotiating with the suspect. Once police got inside, they were prepped for success, but everything fell into chaos again when they walked back out empty handed.

The Amber alert was back on, as police restarted the search. That evening, police finally located Contreras, Thomas, Milo and, most importantly, Brandon, in Hailey, 69 miles north of Twin Falls. Police have charged Contreras and Milo with burglary and kidnapping, while they are charging Thomas with aggravated assault on top of burglary and kidnapping. Brandon was found safe and unharmed.

Abduction alert on! Alert off! A SWAT team surrounding a house! It’s the wrong house! Go! Go! Go! Alert back on! Interviews and searches! Up to Hailey! All three found! “Get on the ground!” The boy is safe! I repeat, the boy is safe! It’s great that Brandon was unharmed and it’s a horrible thing to have happened, but WOW, am I right?

UPDATE: Police have arrested a fourth man, David L. Altes, 39, of Twin Falls, for conspiracy to commit kidnapping.

[via Local News 8/Idaho State Journal]


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