Bonneville prosecutor says officers were in the right during October shootout

5 Dec

The Bonneville County Prosecutor's Office said officers were right to shoot at Scott D. Parker, pictured, after he shot at them with an assault rifle.

The Bonneville County Prosecutor’s Office has officially announced that the Idaho Falls Police officers involved in an October 14 shootout acted appropriately. For those of you in the dark about the October shooting, let’s take a look back.

Scott D. Parker was allegedly suicidal and dangerous when his mom decided to call 911 for help. When officers arrived at his sister’s home on the 300 block of Falls Drive, they found Parker standing in the driveway holding an assault rifle. Officers told Parker to put down the gun, but he instead got into his truck and drove away.

Police followed the truck and tried to stop it, but only ended up spinning it around. That’s when Parker took up his gun and unloaded it on the police, hitting the cruisers seven times. He then ran a red light and crashed into a parked car. Police fired back at Parker, hitting the 31-year-old three times and stopping the chase.

Parker recovered at the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center while police charged him with two counts of aggravated assault, three counts of unlawful possession of a firearm and one count of eluding a police officer. All in all, he’s looking at a maximum of 55 years in prison, after an additional weapons enhancement that could add on up to 15 years. A preliminary hearing for Parker is scheduled for December 9.

The prosecutor’s office is now saying, after a lengthy, inter-agency investigation, that the officers were in the right and absolutely should have fired back at Parker. In other words, when a suspect speeding away from officers fired an assault rifle on them, they were totally right to fire back to protect their lives. So, duh.

[Shooting details via Local News 8]


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