Pocatello Police investigating Saturday’s stabbing mystery

5 Dec

Pocatello Police officers responded to the 500 block of West Benton on Saturday morning at 2:53. They had a report of an altercation that left a man with a vicious knife wound. Upon arrival, they found the man with a stab wound to the back and promptly transported him to the Portneuf Medical Center. The trail of blood didn’t end there.

Officers located a second victim at the 400 block of Garfield who was involved in the incident and had a knife wound of his own–a cut on his ear along with some bruising. The second man was transported to PMC for treatment as police secured the scene of the crime and started looking for information.

Pocatello Police Lt. Paul Manning said while police are asking questions, they’re not getting any clear answers. The two victims are offering up conflicting stories of what exactly happened and at least another person isn’t talking at all. So what exactly happened on that cold, December night? Until somebody in town spills the goods on what went down, we’ll all be in the dark about this stabbing.

The PPD are looking for any information they can get their hands on. If you know anything, call dispatch at 208.234.6100.


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    […] Pocatello Police arrested Sean Vandehey, 24, at 2:30 this afternoon for aggravated battery in Saturday’s Great Stabbing Mystery. As you might remember, police first responded to a home Saturday night where they found a victim […]

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