Police arrest suspect in Pocatello stabbing mystery

6 Dec

Pocatello police arrested Sean Vandehey, 24, as their prime suspect in Saturday's stabbing mystery. Looks like he wasn't the only one doing the stabbing.

Mystery solved? Pocatello Police arrested Sean Vandehey, 24, at 2:30 this afternoon for aggravated battery in Saturday’s Great Stabbing Mystery. As you might remember, police first responded to a home Saturday night where they found a victim stabbed in the back. Officers then found a second victim elsewhere with a cut on his ear and some bruises to boot. Interestingly enough, Vandehey shares the same injuries, implying the second victim wasn’t a victim after all.

While the two people involved initially gave different accounts of what went down, it looks like everything has been straightened out now that officers have Vandehey in custody. By the looks of his mug shot, he didn’t exactly get out of the altercation harm free.

Although the whodunnit part of this mystery seems to have come to a close, the whahappened and whyhappened parts still elude us. Keep an eye on this one, it might just pan out to be pretty interesting after all.


One Response to “Police arrest suspect in Pocatello stabbing mystery”

  1. Anonymous Person :) 12/06/2011 at 4:39 pm #

    It looks like he was arrested yesterday based on the information from the Bannock County Jail. He was already on probation for Statutory Rape and another drug charge. It appears he is quite a character.

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