Tragedy and Evasion in today’s Morning Briefs

6 Dec

Meet Rebecca Wall, a woman who led Pocatello Police on a brief chase Tuesday morning, and the face of today's Morning Briefs. Hi, Rebecca!

We have a tragic death, some hopeful answers and a classic evasion technique in today’s morning briefs. Hey, don’t let the news get you down! At least you can say you’re informed. What about that? You can tell your coworkers, over a steaming cup of joe, all about the latest happenings in southeast Idaho. But for now, let’s get to the, at times, tragic morning briefs:

  • Brian Groom, the 52-year-old man who ended up trapped under his ATV for 31 hours in the snow last week, has died at the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. He suffered massive blunt force trauma, frostbite and hypothermia after officials found and freed him on the night of Nov. 29. According to reports, he couldn’t free himself because of a large elk carcass tied to the back of the ATV. [ISJ]
  • Pocatello Police announced that they have all the witnesses and the suspect identified in Saturday’s stabbing incident. It’s great that this crime is being solved, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a missed opportunity for a grand mystery was just beginning to unravel.
  • Pocatello Police Officers arrested Rebecca Wall early this morning, but only after she gave them a run for their money. After an officer turned around on Wall’s car, then sitting at a red light at Pocatello Avenue and Oak Street, she ran the light and sped away. Wall then turned west onto Gould and north onto Taft at high speeds, the officer right behind her. Wall pulled over at Maple Street and jumped out of the car, fleeing on foot. Officers found her shortly after and arrested her for eluding an officer, as well as driving without privileges, and resist and obstruct, along with an no contact order violation. Yes, the Cops theme song was running through my head too.
  • SeaPort airlines announced that they will be discontinuing flights between Idaho Falls and Boise, making the Idaho Falls airport just a little more worthless. The stoppage will take effect Dec. 31, so don’t plan on getting to Boise by flight for New Years. Rob McKinney, president of the airlines, said the move was economic, and they would look at reinstating the flight if conditions get better. Southeast Idaho: where your airports don’t take you anywhere. [Local News 8]

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