Idaho Falls FINALLY allows non-commercial beehives

9 Dec

This monstrosity will soon take over Idaho Falls yards. Will all the honey attract bears? Who knows!

Did you know that since 1960, Idaho Falls residents have been barred from owning non-commercial beehives? Seriously! Well no more! On a four to two vote last night, the Idaho Falls City Council repealed a 1960 law that bars residents from keeping non-commercial beehives on their property, to celebratory cries from would-be apiarists everywhere.

The ordinance breaking the ban was put forward by a bunch of hobbyists who have been dying to start hives of their own in their backyards. Thanks to the IF city council, their dreams can come true! Home-made honey will flow forth from their modest suburban homes.

But what about those two council members who opposed lifting the ban? Those two, Councilmen Ken Taylor and Tom Hally, were concerned about public safety. They pointed out that the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center treats 31 to 35 bee sting incidents per year. How many bee sting incidents might they treat now? Will the number reach 45? 50? Once Idaho Falls is over-run with bees, will the delicious honey be worth it? Only time will tell.

[via LN8]


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