Idaho Fish and Game investigating deer kill near IF city limits

12 Dec

Here's a mule deer buck with it's head still intact, far away from city limits, where normal people kill and decapitate them.

Idaho Fish and Game are up in arms after somebody killed a deer a little too close to Idaho Falls. According to the agency, a poacher shot a mule deer buck near the intersection of 55th East and South First Streets last Wednesday, barely a mile outside city limits. “Well it was outside city limits still!” you might say. That doesn’t mean Fish and Game aren’t going to take this super seriously.

Neighbors say they heard a rifle shot at around 7 a.m. Wednesday morning. Fish and Game authorities have determined that this was a high-powered rifle. This means somebody was firing off a high-powered rifle very close to where many people live (or at least enough to refer to as “neighbors”). The poacher then walked up to the deer and cut off its head, leaving the body behind.

Fish and Game are treating this especially seriously, as it’s both a poaching case and a firing-a-big-gun-very-close-to-houses case. But let’s be real, if the hunter really wanted the deer dead, he could have just let it continue to walk into town, where it would have invariably been hit and killed by a car. It’s nature’s intended way.

[via KPVI]


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