[Morning Briefs] “Danger, [Idahoans]! Danger!”

12 Dec

At left is our friend Mr. Ija Flappingeagle, who is in surprisingly high spirits after being attacked by a police dog. At right is a crew searching in vain for the body of a missing IF man.

A wise TV robot once wailed “Danger!” as its arms flailed wildly, warning its human companion of imminent doom, but also acting as a wise sage for all of humanity. I mean, there’s a lot of dangerous stuff out there! You never know when you might fall into a freezing lake or get hit by a teenage driver or run into an IED or turn into a chew toy for a vicious police dog. These things are real dangers and they could happen to YOU. But since they all happened over the weekend, probability tells us they’re not likely to happen again. Right? I got a C in statistics.

  • The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office is still searching for an Idaho Falls man who has been missing since Friday afternoon. Police say David Finnegan took his dogs for a walk Friday and never came back. He was last seen at the Gem Lake Marina along the Snake River, where his wife found his car and the two dogs, soaking wet, at his usual parking spot. Authorities believe that the dogs might have fallen through the ice and Finnegan might have gone in after them, succumbing to the icy water. Still, search crews are working to at least recover Finnegan’s body from the marina. [LN8]
  • A Sunday afternoon crash resulted in the hospitalization of seven people, after a teenage girl crossed into oncoming traffic on Highway 55. At 3:30 p.m. Sunday, 17-year-old Shelby Coiner, of Boise, somehow lost control of her Mitsubishi Eclipse and crossed into the opposing lane, hitting a Dodge Ram Pickup head on. The driver of the pickup, Bryan Ritchie, and two juvenile passengers were sent to the Cascade Medical Center where they were later released. Coiner and her three passengers were taken to Saint Alphonsus in Eagle for non-life threatening injuries. Police say they’re unsure whether or not anybody used seatbelts, meaning the “Click it or ticket” campaign might not be enough to convince people that seatbelts can save you a trip to the E.R. They should probably change it to something realistic like “Click it or you might die a horrible death.”
  • Boise police literally released the hounds after a wanted man refused to come out of his home. Police wanted 31-year-old Ija Flappingeagle (go ahead and take a second to chuckle about the name) for possibly holding a woman against her will (feel free to stop chuckling now). At 7 p.m. police made contact with Flappingeagle, but he refused to leave his home, so they just shrugged and sent in a police dog. The dog entered the home, and allowed police to arrest Flappingeagle on charges of felony domestic battery and felony eluding police. Unfortunately, the dog also bit a woman inside (you know, the woman who might have been held against her will?) but police just shrugged again and said the injuries don’t appear life-threatening. [IDS]
  • The body of Sgt. Ryan Sharp, an Idaho Falls soldier who died Dec. 3 from a Nov. 21 IED explosion in Afghanistan, returned home Sunday. Sharp, a 28-year-old Idaho Falls native, left behind two daughters, 8-year-old Sarah and 6-year-old Mia. His funeral will be held Dec. 12th at 11 a.m. after a viewing from 10 to 10:45 a.m. at Eagle Rock Stake Center at 2020 South Charlotte Drive in Idaho Falls. [LN8]

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