[Morning Briefs] Tom Luna and a Tipped-Over Meat Truck

14 Dec

Tom Luna is the tipped-over meat truck of Idaho politics. Don't ask questions, just accept it. (Truck photo via KPVI)

Did you know a meat truck tipped over in Chubbuck last night? It’s true, you can read about it below! Tom Luna and his technology task force also released their recommendations for schools and technology, details are also below! But you know, sometimes Tom Luna is like that tipped-over meat truck. Helpless, on his side, he can do nothing but honk his horn as everybody stuck behind him grasps their foreheads in frustration. Also everybody seems to have a beef with him (ha!). Get ready, because there are plenty more meat puns in today’s Morning Briefs!

  • Idaho Superintendent Tom Luna and his technology task force have officially approved 47 recommendations for Luna’s “Students Come First” plan. The recommendations are all about how to implement technology into Idaho schools and include things like: the technology device should be a laptop, not a tablet; the devices should be phased into one-third of high schools at a time starting in the fall of 2013; extra state funding will be requested so teachers can get laptop training. Don’t worry all you “nanny-state” accusers, these are only recommendations! Just make sure your schools follow them, because if they don’t, they could face legislative action requiring them to do so. [LN8]
  • The Building Contractors Association of Southeast Idaho is suing the city of Pocatello over what they’re calling a tax in disguise. Pretty sneaky, Pocatello! But what exactly is this secret tax masquerading as? Apparently the city charges fees to connect sewage and water lines to new construction, which is fine, but that fee has raised from $300 to $5,000 in the last ten years, the group says. Pocatello’s civil attorney is out of town and couldn’t comment, but a representative did say the city hasn’t been officially served yet. Yeah, just wait until those contractors get you in court. Then you’ll REALLY be served! BOOM! (Right? Do kids “serve” each other still?) [LN8]
  • Chubbuck drivers had a bone to pick last night after a meat truck tipped over on Yellowstone Avenue, blocking traffic for an hour and a half. A lot of people must have been beefing about the snafu as crews tried to clear the mess. According to authorities, the truck was trying enter the freeway when he took a corner too fast, (beef) tipping over. I guess he shouldn’t have driven his truck so jerky. Ummm he might get some ribbing from his fellow truck drivers later. Thank you, thank you, I’m here all night. [KPVI]
  • While the great bank vs. credit union debate rages through some circles, there is a sizable minority of Idahoans who choose neither! They spit in the face of American banking! This seven percent of the state residents are wary of any financial institutions, and don’t even like the financial institutions set up specifically to convince them of the benefits of financial institutions. The problem is that many of them are going to pay day loan and check cashing places which charge them exorbitant fees. Guys, you’re only hurting yourselves! Still, the gruff mountain man who stuffs money under his mattress and sleeps with a loaded gun in his hands might not be easily persuaded. Just back away slowly from this problem and don’t look it in the eye. [LN8]

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