[Morning Briefs] Good news and bad news

15 Dec

Rexburg police are looking for these two girls, who were taken out of school, likely by their non-custodial mother yesterday morning.

I have good news and bad news this morning. No, you don’t get to choose what you want first, because I already ordered this morning’s news and you’re getting the bad first. And this morning’s bad news is pretty bad. Fortunately, we have some fantastic briefs to warm your heart, which will inevitably go cold upon the first one (I mean a sad cold, not a cruel cold. I’m not calling you a Grinch or anything). I’ll take my awful black coffee with a little cream and sugar, thanks, because you just need some good news to counter all the bad sometimes.

  • UPDATE: The girls are safe and Fisher has been arrested in a restaurant in Provo, Utah. Rexburg Police are looking for two young girls who were signed out of their school without permission from their guardian yesterday morning. Police believe their mother, 28-year-old Heather Fisher signed them out, without the consent of their father, her ex-husband Justin John. The girls were in the custody of John and their stepmother. The girls are 9-year-old Dezirae Anne John and 6-year-old Kiara Anne John. Police suspect the girls are being taken to Las Vegas, where Fisher lives. [LN8]
  • All 20 miners trapped by a Wednesday night “rock burst” at Lucky Friday Mine in northern Idaho are safe and sound. The incident marks an unusual bright spot for Hecla Mining Company, who has seen two deaths at Lucky Friday Mine this year alone. Despite the two deaths and near catastrophe, the mining company is spending $200 million to deepen the Lucky Friday Mine by nearly 9,000 feet. “Too big to fail” you cry? With Hecla’s already spotty history I’d say “too big to care about failure.” [KHQ]
  • For the last four years, workers at the Aberdeen Simplot plant have been giving part of their paychecks to the United Way, but those donations apparently dried up. Human Resources Administrator Fred Boldman would have none of it! Bolman insisted workers give to the United Way, despite the fact that the plant is closing in two to three years. Now, you can either paint this as a manager rallying his troops to help donate money to a good cause during the holidays, or you can paint it as a manager forcing people to donate to an organization they will likely need to solicit help from in two to three years when they are unemployed and broke. It’s up to you! I’m not your moral compass. [KPVI]
  • Good news! The cost of living in southeast Idaho is below the national average! According to new data from the Idaho Department of Labor, the cost of living in Pocatello is 11 percentage points lower than the average, while Idaho Falls is eight percentage points lower. The median wage has even increased from $9.30 an hour to $10! I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling pretty rich all of a sudden. Can of black beans for dinner? Pah! I’ll go with ORGANIC black beans tonight! [LN8]

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