Power County drug bust finds nine pounds of weed blah blah

15 Dec

While it pales in comparison to the now-infamous Power County Megabust back in November, the latest Idaho Traffic Stop Drug Bust has resulted in the discovery of nine pounds of super-dangerous marijuana and a quarter ounce of meth. Yes, this was the result of another “routine traffic stop.”

This time, Idaho State Police arrested 54-year-old Terry L. Roberts of San Carlos, Calif. Roberts was driving toward California down I-86 in a 1993 Ford Ranger pickup truck (harsh) when ISP pulled the truck over. After an on-site investigation, the officer discovered the drugs and arrested Roberts on charges of Trafficking in Marijuana and Felony Possession of Marijuana, as well as Felony Possession with intent to deliver Methamphetamine.

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to get tired of all these traffic stop drug busts. Either traffickers are all dumb and not reading the news about Idaho’s numerous roadside busts, or police are just hitting the jackpot with these traffic stops. Or it’s all a grand conspiracy by the ISP and we’re all sheep for believing otherwise. Go nuts on that one, you conspiracy kooks.


2 Responses to “Power County drug bust finds nine pounds of weed blah blah”

  1. Ryan T 12/15/2011 at 5:44 pm #

    “Super-dangerous Marijuana” and a quarter once of meth. Who ever wrote this has there information backwards. There’s no such thing as “dangerous” marijuana, especially “super dangerous”. Maybe you should have used the that description towards the Meth part of the story, or maybe you like making the TBA looking ridiculous with your insane description of the impossible. No one has ever died from weed, but I’ll bet if you do some research, you could probably find a couple death related issues to meth. Come on TBA!

    • thebannockalternative 12/15/2011 at 6:06 pm #

      The comment was meant in jest. It was referencing quotes from yesterday’s story (click on the link) about teen marijuana use. While we at TBA don’t condone drug use, we like to poke fun at the ridiculous categorization of marijuana as being as dangerous as heroin, and more dangerous than many lethally addictive prescription pain pills.

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