[Morning Briefs] Nothing is as it seems!

16 Dec

The Simplot plant might be leaving Aberdeen, but some forward-thinking residents are taking their fate into their own hands. Cue start-up business montage. (Photo by John O'Connell/Capital Press)

Just when you think you have a handle on what’s really going on, somebody comes up and pulls the rug right out from underneath your feet. Case in point: the allegedly fake Fred Meyer parking lot robbery. But you know what, today’s not all our fault. We have a “child,” say police, that isn’t so much a child, and we have an “arrest” that isn’t actually an arrest at all! Of course there’s always a nicer side and that comes when you think a group of folks is down and out, but they get right up and jump back into the ring. It’s all very inspiring.

  • Yesterday’s “Car hits child” report turns out to have been a little inaccurate, only in that “child” now apparently means “15-year-old.” Nonetheless, a 15-year-old boy was taken to the hospital after being hit by a pickup truck at Pole Line Road and West Cedar Avenue at about 4:30 yesterday evening. According to police, the boy and another 15-year-old crossed Pole Line at a crosswalk (Local News 8 reports they were riding bikes), but did so before the actual walk signal. The boy who was hit hardest seems to have been hit pretty hard–hard enough to justify an overnight stay at the hospital at least. There’s no report of any broken bones, but doctors are still observing and treating him. This is obviously a very terrible accident that nobody would ever want to experience, but also those walk signals are there for a reason, boys. I don’t want to get all preachy, but come on.
  • Police announced that they have actually not arrested Heather Fisher, the woman took her two daughters out of school Wednesday without permission from their father–their official custodian. Police said the girls went willingly with their mother and that the school simply didn’t know she was not a legal custodian. Police later found Fisher with the girls at a Denny’s in Provo, Utah, but have not charged the mother with anything yet. Woah, don’t get your torch out just yet. They’re just waiting to figure out exaaaactly what they want the charges to be. Probably kidnapping or custodial interference, they said. Oh, and curious as to why she doesn’t have custody over her kids? Maybe an outstanding felony warrant on a meth charge in Arkansas is a clue. Just maybe. [LN8]
  • You know, I’m worried about Aberdeen. With Simplot up and leaving town in two to three years, the people in that town must be all nail-biting and furrowed brows. That doesn’t mean some citizens aren’t looking to take their lives into their own hands! Small business advocates and economic developers met in Aberdeen yesterday to tell Simplot employees about their future options. One prevailing idea was to start a reasonable and well-planned small business in town. Former Pocatello Mayor Roger Chase said he’s trying to court other big businesses. Yet, the heartbreak is still there. Check out this quote, from Simplot employee Jay Kennison: “What do you do? You hope for a heart attack? I don’t know what to do. Just like most of us over there, we don’t know what to do.” Ouch. We’re pulling for you guys! [LN8]
  • Aaaaand the Lucky Friday Mine is temporarily closed after collapsing yet again, injuring and briefly stranding seven miners Wednesday night. Is anybody really surprised? The U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration needs to do (another) investigation. After two deaths and seven injuries over three accidents in 2011 alone, I’d say it’s time to take “Lucky” out of the name. Just a thought.

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