Become an Idaho State Police trooper!

19 Dec

Even you can join the Idaho State Police! You just have to survive the grueling interview and training process to do it.

How would you, yes YOU, like to be a trooper with the Idaho State Police? Very much, you say? Well you’re in luck! The ISP is looking to hire about 15 new troopers statewide in 2012, and you could have one of those positions. Currently, there are 23 full-time troopers employed around Idaho, but many of them are aging and nearing retirement, meaning somebody has to fill their shiny, black shoes.

Before you race off to your nearest ISP office (at a responsible speed, of course), know that the application process is pretty extensive. Just how extensive? Try six to seven months extensive. From an ISP press release:

The process begins with a comprehensive online exam, then oral board and physical fitness testing.  Applicants must then pass an extensive background check which includes reference checks, work history verification, criminal history, and credit checks. Applicants must also pass a series of psychological, medical, and physical fitness exams. A polygraph exam and substance abuse screening will be administered as well.

If you manage to make it through that grueling process, congratulations! You’ve made it to the ISP training! Training takes about another nine months to complete and includes the 13-week advanced training academy as well as the 10-week post academy training. After that, applicants will spend an undetermined amount of time doing on-the-job field training with current officers.

The ISP warn that the training is “intense” and requires “physically and mentally strong individuals.” If you manage to make it through the screening process and training, you’ll get your ISP badge and a starting pay of $17.67 per hour. The good news is that almost anyone can apply! You just need a high school diploma or GED and two or more years of working experience or higher education. You also apparently need undying dedication to the ISP and nerves of steel. The job posting will close on January 26, so any interested applicants should apply at or call 208.884.7018.


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