Idaho Falls police warn of fake FBI phone scam

20 Dec

No, the FBI does not require "insurance money" so they can send you a check.

The Idaho Falls Police Department is warning everybody of the latest scam to hit southeast Idaho: the fake FBI money scam. You might be saying to yourself “I think I could tell the fake FBI from the real FBI, jeez,” but could you, really? Apparently several people have fallen victim to this scam, enough that it warrants the IFPD’s “fraud alert.” So how does it work?

It sounds like the scammers use a combination of  the FBI’s tendency to be totally confusing and people’s love of getting money from the government. From the IFPD:

The caller will tell you that they are attempting to return money that was stolen from a sweepstakes or return money from timeshares that was recovered during an investigation. The caller will then request that money be sent to pay for the insurance to send the money via money order.

“So you’re telling me you want me to send you money so you can send me money that was recovered during an investigation of some sweepstakes I apparently entered some time?” the conversation probably goes. If you can shake the temptation to potentially get money from the federal government, you should hang up and call the police, say the IFPD. After all, as police point out, there is no government agency that will make you pay them to send you money, no matter how gruff and official the “agent” sounds on the phone.


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