Idaho Falls shooter pleads not guilty

20 Dec

Scott D. Parker is pleading not guilty to shooting an unlawful rifle at Idaho Falls police as he led officers on a chase through the city.

Scott D. Parker, if you’ll remember, is an Idaho Falls man who allegedly led police on a high-speed chase in October, before  unloading a rifle on two police cars. Police charged Parker with two counts of aggravated assault on the officers, with one enhancement of using a deadly weapon, three counts of unlawful possession of a firearm, and one count of eluding a police officer. Today, he pleaded not guilty to all six charges.

This comes as somewhat of a surprise, especially given the “large amount of evidence” in the case, that led to his attorney’s request for more time. The logic runs something like, “My client is completely innocent! But please give me some extra time to sort through all the evidence so I can figure out how to tell you that.” What Parker’s lawyer actually said probably included more of an attempt to paint the police report as false or misleading. What exactly does that police report say anyway?

According to Idaho Falls police, officers showed up at Parker’s sister’s house on a report that he was suicidal and dangerous. When they got there, Parker was standing in the driveway, holding an assault rifle. They say the officers asked him to put it down, but he instead got in his truck and sped away.

Officers gave chase in two patrol cars, lights and sirens blaring. They tried to stop Parker’s truck, but only ended up spinning it. At that point, officers say he stuck the rifle out the window and began shooting at the cars. He then sped through a red light and crashed into a parked car. At that point, officers fired back at Parker, hitting him three times. Both officers got out OK, but one was struck by an unidentified piece of metal on the side of his head. After arresting Parker, police found two more guns in his truck.

So what exactly will Parker’s defense be? That he can own those guns legally? That the the firing on the officers was justified? That he had a very good reason to run from the police? Oh, this trial is going to be a good one.

[via LN8]


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