[Morning Briefs] The Snow is Here and It’s Ready to Wreak Havoc

21 Dec

Russell Keith Poulsen sits in court yesterday, after pleading guilty to a lessened fine of aggravated assault for allegedly shooting a woman in the chest. (via Local News 8)

It’s snowing, everybody! But while dreams of a white Christmas might dance in your head, you should probably keep your mind sharp on the road. The Pocatello Police Department sent out an alert at 7:51 a.m. aptly-titled “WRECKS ALREADY!!” Oddly enough, a seemingly non-weather-related accident last night claimed the life of a Chubbuck man. Now that the roads are covered in snow, we can expect to see a lot more. If you can walk to work, just do it! You might be the best driver ever, but what about Joe Blow who just got his drivers license and wants to take his mom’s car for a spin in the snow? What about him? Well he’s just terrible, we can all agree about that.

  • That accident I spoke of happened at about 4:40 p.m. yesterday, on US 20/26 connector, just south of the INL laboratory. Charles Solecki, 34, from Chubbuck, was driving his gray 2006 Ford F-150 when he drove off the road. Solecki drove off the shoulder and into the cement face of an underpass. The car then hit the west side of the underpass and caught fire. The INL fire department put the fire out and found Solecki’s body inside. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Details are scarce in this one, but the Idaho State Police and Butte County Sheriff’s Office are currently investigating the crash.
  • Russell Keith Poulsen, the Idaho Falls man who allegedly shot 24-year-old Dominique Hill in the chest back in November, pleaded guilty yesterday to a lessened charge of aggravated battery. Police say Poulsen shot Hill after she had sex with his roommate, Levi Bodero. Bodero has publicly denied any sex and said Hill, apparently a long-time friend of Poulsen’s, put Poulsen in “the friend zone,” setting him off. It’s really a very tragic story for all parties involved in this Telemundo-esque soap opera. [LN8]
  • A Pocatello woman in Denver is dead after she was shot in the head Friday night. Police said they found Andrea Roan, 27, in critical condition after being shot in the head, but she died that night at a local hospital. Roan’s reported boyfriend, Ryan Miller, 27, is in custody as the prime suspect for the shooting, and is presently charged with attempted murder. I would think Roan’s death at the hospital would elevate those charges to actual murder, but what do I know. [LN8]
  • Pocatello Police are warning all drivers to be careful out there! It’s supposed to snow for a while, and while cars will break up some of it, it’s still slick. Police have already responded to a two vehicle crash at Johnny Creek and Bannock Highway, and have dispatched the street department to Olympus Drive and Pocatello Creek Road to alleviate the slickness there. So be safe! Don’t speed and take your turns carefully! Your mother is worried about you! Be caaaaareful!

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