Pocatello Police investigate six crashes in one hour this morning

21 Dec

Well we don't have any pictures of any of those six accidents, but here's a road where an accident COULD happen!

Everybody likes to talk up how easy it is to drive in the snow and how they’re “used to it.” “I’ve lived in Idaho my whole life, I think I can handle a little bit of snow,” they say. Well that didn’t stop everybody from crashing into each other this morning. Pocatello Police said they investigated six accidents in a single hour this morning. Yeah, that’s a few more than usual.

Between 7:25 and 8:25 a.m. the PPD investigated six, count ’em SIX, accidents around town. Sure, that number could be a lot higher, but it could also be a lot lower! Police attributed the accidents to driving too fast, as well as “other winter driving hazards.” I’m guessing they mean it’s just generally slick out there. You might be blaming the streets department for not getting out there quickly enough, but not so fast! “Please do not blame the street department or expect the the sand trucks to have the streets sanded before you leave. Their trucks are prepared and ready to go. They respond as soon as they are called out but it does take time for them to get to all of the designated routes,” the PPD said.

Outside of Pocatello it’s not much better. The Idaho State Journal is reporting multiple crashes on I-15, including a one-car rollover near Inkom at about 9 a.m. Idaho State Police are reporting multiple slide-offs and collisions, especially in the Fort Hall area and gap area between Pocatello and Inkom.

But the snow isn’t looking to go anywhere. While the weather has cleared up for now, and will likely stay nice through the afternoon, snow showers are forecasted to continue this evening, amounting to about one to two inches of snow for the southeast Idaho. So be careful!


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