[Morning Briefs] 2012 is Here and It’s Already Terrifying

2 Jan

The North Absaroka Wilderness, in Wyoming, was the rough location of two avalanches Saturday, that killed a snowmobiler and cross-country skier. It looks like 2012 is going to be pretty terrifying.

Hey welcome back! I hope your winter break was full of cheer, because some crazy stuff happened! I won’t get into the details because it’s 2012 now and we should all look to the future. As it turns out, the future is already crazy! By the end of 2012, the apocalypse should be nigh and we’ll all probably die in a crazy galactic space fire or something, but it looks like the world, or at least the region, is already going nuts! If you wanted to start 2012 off with a bang, you’re too late, because it started without you.

  • A pair of avalanches along the southwest Montana-Wyoming border killed two people Saturday in a horrifying accident. According to authorities, the first avalanche was triggered by the victim, a 46-year-old snowmobiler from Sidney, Mont. The avalanche, which was up to 4-feet deep, 300 to 400-feet wide and ran about 1,300 vertical feet, killed the man, despite immediate rescue efforts. About two hours later and five miles south, a 44-year-old cross-country skier from Bozeman, Mont., traveling on flat terrain, triggered another avalanche that took his life. According to officials, the two men, and the other people with them, actually did everything right, but it simply wasn’t enough. [AP/ISJ]
  • Nearly a dozen people plunged into the icy Logan River in Utah after a driver slid off the road and into the water. The driver, Roger Anderson, 46, was trapped in his Honda Accord with his daughter, 9, his son, 4, and another 9-year-old girl. Chris Willden, a Department of Defense contractor, saw the car go in and rushed to help the man and kids. He shot out a window, cut the kids free with a pocket knife, and, with the help of several other passers-by, pulled everybody from the car. Although two of the kids were found lifeless and not breathing, some quick CPR saved their lives. They are now in fair condition at the Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake City. The father and the second girl were uninjured. [AP/ISJ]
  • A Soda Springs police officer was arrested on charges of battery and disturbing the peace, after a New Year’s Eve incident, allegedly involving his girlfriend. Details are scarce on this one, but officer Anthony Stuckey has been taken into custody by the Caribou County Sheriff’s Office, and might be in some hot water at work. Just a hunch! [LN8]
  • Boise smokers enjoyed their last puffs in public last night, before the city-wide smoking ban took effect at the stroke of midnight. The new ordinance bans smoking in all bars and restaurants in Boise, among other places around the city, exempting only restaurant patios on private property that don’t allow people under 21. While Boise smokers enjoyed their last cigarette, they bemoaned the ordinance that they say is taking away their rights. At least they can still smoke on the street! Just as long as they aren’t on public property, at the Grove Plaza, on 8th Street from Bannock to Main, within 20 feet of a city-owned building, or in outdoor ticket and service lines. [IDS]

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