U.S. Marshal’s Office and IFPD nab felon in Idaho Falls

3 Jan

Maybe I spoke too soon about it being a slow news day! It looks like the Idaho Falls Police Department waited until after the New Year’s holiday to release their goods, because they have a doozy of an arrest that happened  in the wee hours of Saturday morning. According to an IFPD press release, the department helped the U.S. Marshal’s Office capture a wanted felon after a police chase and the use of some always-exciting spike strips. I want to know where this was when we were yawning over the most boring news ever this morning!

According to the press release, the Marshal’s Office was pursuing Tanner Bowen Penrod, a wanted felon. According to the internet, a Tanner B. Penrod, who may or may not be this guy, is a 24-year-old rapist from Rexburg. No more details were given about what exactly they wanted Penrod for, maybe because of some kind of local/federal jurisdiction nonsense that we’ve all seen in every hostage movie ever. “You Feds think you can just come in here and take over MY town?” somebody might have said. But in the end it was more of a buddy-cop movie. As the Marshal’s Office chased Penrod, who for some reason was driving a Mercury Lynx, the IFPD pulled out their trusty spike strips and blew out his tires at John Adams Parkway and Woodruff Avenue. Sure, the use of spike strips made him veer out of control, nearly hitting a pole and another car, but at least it worked!

Penrod fled on foot before officers caught him near First Street. Police found a stolen checkbook and forged checks in his car, and also determined he drove through three fences while being chased. All this in a Mercury Lynx, mind you! After all was said and done, he was charged with grand theft, leaving the scene of three accidents and an Idaho Department of Corrections warrant. This whole thing was an explosion and a shoot-out away from being the crazy cop movie we all wish happened in real life.


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