911 hang-up call results in seizure of 18 marijuana plants

4 Jan

This will teach you to hang up on a 911 operator. After somebody called 911 from a house at 820 N. Contor Ave. in Idaho Falls and hung up, the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office naturally sent a couple deputies to check it out. Instead of finding some kind of actual emergency, they found a woman holding a baby. That seems pretty normal! Suspicious still, the deputies asked to take a look around the house.

In the back of the house they found a room filled with heat lamps, “marijuana-growing paraphernalia” and littered with top soil. OK, so maybe they were gardeners who like to keep their plants inside in the winter but the plants all died so they threw them out! And maybe the marijuana growing stuff just works really well on other plants! The deputies were suspicious still, so they kept looking. Eventually they discovered that 29-year-old Jose Saucedo-Figueroa had pulled up 18 pot plants from his grow room and stuffed them into black trash bags in the back of an SUV near the house. So, you know, suspicion warranted.

The deputies arrested Saucedo-Figueroa on a charge of felony manufacturing. a charge that comes with up to nine years in jail and a $30,000 fine. All that because he hung up on 911. There’s a lesson to be learned here! You shouldn’t grow a bunch of illegal plants and then call 911 and hang up, I guess. Really, this seems like a one-time deal.

[via LN8]


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