Idaho Falls police looking for credit card thief

4 Jan

This man has been using stolen credit cards in Idaho Falls. If you know him, contact the police! It's that simple, folks.

[UPDATE: Idaho Falls Police have identified the suspect! They’re not releasing any information about him yet, but they apparently do know who he is.]

Have you seen this man? According to Idaho Falls police, he has been using stolen credit cards around town. What exactly has he been buying? I’m so glad you asked. According to IFPD, the man has made purchases at a Stinker Store, Albertson’s, Holiday Oil and Exxon Mobile. So gas, snacks and oil—the finer things in life. The purchases have ranged from $9.47 to $158.90, meaning our credit thief is trying (unsuccessfully, clearly) to keep a low profile. I’m guessing he’ll probably tone down that spending even more now that his image is being sent out for all to see.

Police say the man is approximately 250 pounds, balding and has a beard. In other words, they’re looking for Tony Soprano before he shaves in the morning. Unlike the awkward ’90s sportswear Tony liked to sport, our credit card thief likes to wear black sneakers, white ankle socks, dark blue shorts with a white stripe, a light blue shirt, and a jacket with a hoodie underneath (as you can see). He has been using three credit cards from a stolen wallet, and the victim is obviously not too pleased about the whole ordeal.

So if you have any information about the identity or whereabouts of Tony Soprano this man who looks very much like Tony Soprano, call Idaho Falls Police at 529-1200 or Crimestoppers at 522-1983.


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