Idaho Falls woman caught trying to bring meth into courthouse

4 Jan

Donna R. Ludwig doesn't seem too pleased with, or aware of, her arrest.

It doesn’t matter how much you want to bring meth into a courthouse, you just can’t. Unfortunately some people need to learn this the hard way. Donna R. Ludwig, 41, is one of those people. Ludwig was arrested yesterday afternoon after trying to bring a container of methamphetamine into the Bonneville County Courthouse. How did she get caught during this brilliant plan, you ask? Oh, you know, with those security scanners that everybody goes through when entering any courthouse anywhere.

According to the Idaho Falls Police Department, Ludwig tried to go through the security checkpoint at about 1:30 p.m. when the scanner noticed something in her pocket. After checking it out, authorities found a container of meth. Instead of just owning up to it and taking her punishment, Ludwig did what many people trying to sneak meth into a courthouse would do—she ran. She didn’t make it very far though, as security and officers caught her about two blocks away on D Street. Police are charging her with felony possession of a controlled substance and resisting and obstructing a peace officer.

Well I hope everybody learned a valuable lesson from all of this. If you do meth, it might be very tempting to bring it into the courthouse with you. No matter how cool you might think it is to do drugs in the courthouse bathroom, or whatever it is you plan on doing with the meth (try to sell it to a judge?), it’s always a bad idea. There are no exceptions! It’s like walking into Red Sox game wearing a Yankees hat, just without the jail time and with a lot more bruising.


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