[Morning Briefs] Politics and Draaaama!

4 Jan

Mitt Romney won the Iowa caucus last night, but only by a mere eight votes over Rick Santorum.

I don’t know about YOU guys, but I was glued to the TV last night, watching for hours as the results of the Iowa caucus trickled in. At the end it was a real nail-biter, even if this popularity contest doesn’t really mean anything. To be fair, it did oust some candidates that were clearly doomed and even elevated one to the top of the race. But in terms of real, actual importance, this one didn’t really matter. Here in Idaho there was plenty of drama as well! But, like the caucus, none of it really matters in the long run. Except that guy who hit a bunch of parked cars. He’s kind of screwed.

  • Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney beat opponent Rick Santorum by a mere eight votes in last night’s Iowa caucus. This means absolutely nothing in terms of the actual race, but the results do make Santorum the new anti-Romney for all the Republicans disenfranchised with the front-runner’s traditional establishment status. Meanwhile, libertarian Ron Paul came in a close third place, only about four percentage points behind, with Newt Gingrich another eight percentage points back. Rick Perry got about 10 percent of the vote and said he is headed back to Texas to think things over, while Michelle Bachmann, who earned about five percent, said she’s staying in the race [UPDATE: Bachmann has officially suspended her campaign]. Democrats, of course, are just enjoying the bloodshed in the race, like eager NASCAR fans waiting for fiery crashes.
  • Blackfoot has changed its election laws after its own close race last year. The city previously required a super majority of at least 50 percent for any winning candidate, but ended up with a $6,000 runoff after candidate Butch Hulse won 49.5 percent of the vote in November. The city will now require only a simple majority, meaning whoever gets the most votes wins. While the super-majority law was in effect, every person who won the simple majority in the first race went on to win the runoff anyway. Sooo stupid law everybody? Good. Stupid law. [LN8]
  • Pocatello Police arrested Robert Thompson this morning, after he ran into three parked cars on the 700 block of North Main Street. Police said Thompson was intoxicated at the time, and caused “significant damage” to his own car and one other, and caused “moderate damage” to the two others. There were no injuries involved in the accident, but Thompson gained at least three new enemies today. The lesson? Don’t drink and drive Don’t park on Main Don’t drink and drive OR park on Main.
  • Idaho hunting group Save Western Wildlife is accusing Idaho Fish and Game of holding secret meetings with environmental groups and planning illegal changes of how the department runs. SWW claims Fish and Game will hold a summit later this year where they will illegally change their mission statement to go against hunters. The group says the secret meetings and the secret summit are “the beginning of the end for hunting.” But Fish and Game said there is no truth to the allegations, which, to be fair, sound a little paranoid. But it’s really a win-win for SWW, who either just exposed Fish and Game, forcing them to change their nefarious plans, or never had anything to worry about in the first place. [LN8]

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