[Morning Briefs] A Tragic Shooting in Ogden

5 Jan

On the left is Ogden Police Officer Jared Francom, who was shot and killed in an incident last night. At right are officials announcing his tragic death.

Shootings are never good, but they’re obviously a lot worse when somebody dies. When that somebody is a cop, people tend to take it even harder. When you have six officers shot in one incident, with at least one death, it’s a full-out tragedy. That’s the story out of Ogden this morning, and more updates are expected to come in later this morning. In Shelley, a near tragedy ended, thankfully, without injury. Sometimes these things come down to weird luck, otherwise known in some circles as fate. But I’m not going to sit here and jabber on about weird spiritual things, let’s just get to the news!

  • One Ogden police officer is dead and five more are injured after a shooting last night at a home on Jackson Avenue in the city. The Ogden Police Department announced earlier this morning that  Jared Francom, a husband and father of two, died from the gunshot wounds. The shooting began when Francom and the other officers, who were all part of the Weber-Morgan Narcotics Strike Force, were serving a warrant to a man at 3268 Jackson Ave. at about 8 p.m. After one officer was shot, police blocked off the street, called in a SWAT team and returned fire. Eventually, officers cornered the suspect, whose name has not been released, in a shed in the backyard of the home. Witnesses said the gunshots sounded like they came from a high-powered rifle. The other five officers shot remain hospitalized  in serious to critical condition. More updates are scheduled to come this morning. [OSE]
  • Idaho State Police are investigating a train versus semi truck accident in Shelley last night that, fortunately, didn’t result in any injuries at all. According to ISP the accident happened at about 4:36 p.m. Wednesday. The truck was heading west on Center Street toward U.S. 91 when he crossed the tracks. The driver, Laron Nielsen, 47, of Idaho Falls, stopped at a stop sign to turn north onto U.S. 91, but the back of his trailer was about six inches over the tracks. At the same time,  Joseph Kelley, 58, of Pocatello, was the engineer of a train heading north on those very same tracks. The train hit the semi, but the accident apparently wasn’t too bad. Nielsen and his passenger escaped without injury, as did Kelley and his three passengers. Other drivers, however, were probably pretty irate, as the intersection was closed for a whopping two hours.
  • More layoffs are coming at the Idaho National Laboratory’s very own Idaho Cleanup Project. The news is pretty sour for the company, who already saw more than 200 layoffs this past September. This time around, the jobs cut are “force account” employees, including tradesmen and construction workers who were erecting soft-sided buildings around pits of radioactive material. According to officials, the layoffs come directly from the Department of Energy, who cited budget problems as the reason for the cuts. Well hey, when the budget scenario starts to look better, that radioactive material will still be there to excavate. It’s not going aaaanywhere any time soon. [LN8]
  • Pocatello Police arrested resident Paul Bushlow for possessing child pornography yesterday. After receiving a report that Bushlow was in possession of the porn, and confirming the suspicion, detectives contacted him about it. Not one to put up a fight against evidence, Bushlow confessed. Police arrested him for possession of sexually exploitative materials.
  • Idaho Falls Police have successfully identified the man who had been using stolen credit cards in the city! They’re not giving up any details just yet, so you’ll have to hold your horses if you really want to know the name, age and town this guy lives in (I’m guessing a normal name, middle-aged and Idaho Falls).

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